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Emily Feist

Licensed Massage Therapist

Hi! I am Emily Feist and I became a massage therapist in March of 2011.  I have worked directly with chiropractors, doulas, and physical therapists to help people out of their pain cycles.  

Picture of Emily Feist

Supporting people overcome pain and increase mobility with massage therapy has shown me how important and life impacting it can be. I would have clients come in that would walk in with a cane and leave without needing it! Aiding people who suffered from an injury or chronic pain would leave realizing that pain didn’t have to be constant. 

Throughout my career, I have learned a variety of massage techniques to help the body heal naturally. But, nothing compares to a neuromuscular technique called Neural Reset Therapy (NRT). It blows my mind how well it works. When I combine NRT with Thai massage (stretching and compressions), you feel relaxed down to each muscle fiber and being stretched out will make you feel loose yet rejuvenated!
I love showing people how great their body can feel! It’s a privilege to help you live life without pain holding you back. 

On a More Personal Note
I moved to Arkansas from South Dakota in March 2020 with my family. We live outside of Mayflower and have 1 dog and 4 cats. I homeschool my children and enjoy being outside. I have an Associate’s Degree for Massage Therapy and a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Education. I am continuously learning more about how massage therapy can help people live their lives! The human body is so amazing! There are so many ways to support a healthy lifestyle. Call me if you’d like to make massage therapy a part of your health plan.

Areas of Expertise
Neural Reset Therapy + Thai Massage

Neural Reset Therapy is a neurological technique. That means I use your nervous system and brain to relax your muscles. I often incorporate Thai stretches to increase your range of motion and flexibility.

The combination is a favorite of mine because I can help your body relax in different positions and with movement. This is key because our bodies move in many ways. So, it makes sense to help it heal in different positions. 

Try a ReSet Session for yourself and experience a massage in a unique way!

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