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Aches and Pains Relief
Neuromuscular Therapy

15 Minutes @ $40
60 Minutes @ $120
90 Minutes @ $160


Life is enhanced when you move freely. Your ReSet session will focus on mobility and providing relief for your specific chronic conditions.

Common ailments that can be alleviated with a ReSet session include:
-Low Back Pain                                      -Degenerative Disc Disease

-Sciatica                                                   -Hip Pain
-Multiple Sclerosis                                -Arthritis
-Anxiety                                                  -Foot Pain


Woman lying on her stomach while getting her hips stretched.

My Specialty - Complex Spine Conditions

I love working with people who have aches and pains due to complex spine conditions.  I get excited when I can help people overcome pain and increase functional movement because it adds quality of life! It warms my heart when a person regains hope; when hobbies can be continued and goals can be met.  And my passion just keeps growing when each time an individual gains the ability to live the way that she desires! 

I want to support you so you can feel great while we overcome challenges. Let me help you with those aches and pains that happen during the healing process. I am comfortable discussing personal (sometimes embarrassing) information to help your body recover naturally. 


To help alleviate stress, we can build a relationship of trust and comfort. You can have guilt free, relaxing self-care because you realize that you are happier to those that you love once the pain is alleviated. Rejuvenate physically and mentally when I take care of you.

My Approach
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