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The ReSet 
Mat Massage

A Natural Alternative For Muscle Pain Relief So You Can Gain Quality of Life

My priority is to help you move without pain so you can enjoy life the way you desire! Over the years of training and experience, I have created a one-of-a-kind clinical style massage that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, open, and pain free.  Each session includes 3 main parts.

1) Discussion of how you feel and what you would like to focus on.

2) The massage. Neuromuscular therapy to relax "knots" and stretches to unwind your deep muscles and fascia.

3) Self-care tips to help you feel better between sessions.

Woman getting stretched by a massage therapist.

Client Reviews

“You made my life so much better. The kindness and sincere care that you gave will never be forgotten. All the therapies you used eased my RA, OA, and fibromyalgia pain. Especially after the knee replacement surgery. I would recommend ReSet Therapy to anyone who has struggled with discomfort.” –Randi V.

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