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How does the wearable neuro-tech work?

Your nerves are the messenger of the body. With each signal your nerves receive, it sends that information to the brain. Your brain then interprets the signals and informs you whether that feeling is good or bad. ​

With chronic pain, people try "turning off" pain signals. Either we try ignoring the signal or the signal increases and grows so we have to live day-to-day combating pain. 


With the wearable neuro-tech, your body receives information from the neuro-receptor tactile pattern. Instead of sending negative feedback to your brain, your neuro-receptors strengthen homeostasis pathways. In essence, it helps rebuild the positive feedback so you can start feeling less pain.


How fast do the wearable neuro-tech options work?

Each type of neuro-tech products start working immediately. Depending on how weak or sensitive to pain your neuropathways are, aware results are person to person. 


I recommend to wear the product continuously for them to continue building stronger neuropathways.

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Which products are best for me?

I recommend starting with the socks. They last longer and can be worn continuously.

I would love to talk about additional options if you would like individual insights.  

Client Reviews

“You made my life so much better. The kindness and sincere care that you gave will never be forgotten. All the therapies you used eased my RA, OA, and fibromyalgia pain. Especially after the knee replacement surgery. I would recommend ReSet Therapy to anyone who has struggled with discomfort.” –Randi V.

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